What is Stock lot Garment

If you are interested in imported fashion, Indonesia can be a great focus on the stock lot garment business. The country is one of the biggest fashion consumers in Southeast Asia, and branded products are especially popular. Knowing what is stock lot garment will give you an upstart to begin a clothing import business.

What Is Stock Lot Garment?

Stock lot or “stocklot” means goods that are sold in bulk at cheap prices. Stock lot garment means a huge quantity of outfits sold by their weights, and their prices are way below their normal market prices.

Why are stock lot garments way cheaper? This is because most of them are surplus garments, which means they are discarded by the manufacturers or rejected. The reasons vary, from having substandard qualities to manufacturing excesses. 

Stock lot business owners acquire these rejects and sell them in bulk. They aim for customers who want affordable prices and do not mind little defects as long as the outfits still have good qualities.

Differences between Finished and Unfinished Goods

A common question after knowing what is stock lot garment is: what kind of goods do people usually sell? Basically, stock lot business deals with finished and unfinished goods.

Finished goods are outfits that are ready to wear but with slight defects. On the contrary, unfinished goods are outfits that miss noticeable parts of their non-rejected counterparts. For example, a graphic t-shirt with slightly crooked stitching lines is a finished good. However, if it does not have graphic art that is supposed to be there, it is an unfinished good.

Apart from the types o garments, there are several grade levels that determine whether an outfit can be put into a stock lot list or not. Here are the grades:

1. Grade A

Grade A is the highest quality, which means the product is in good condition without defects. Often it comes with a hand tag or polybag.

2. Grade B

Grade B shows minuscule defects that are often unnoticeable, such as small stains or holes, yet still with complete design features.

3. Grade C

Grade C is the lowest quality, where the outfits will be inspected twice as hard. Grade C outfits often have lost zippers or buttons or have imperfect parts.

Types of Stock Lot

Is stock lot business only applicable to fashion? Not really. Basically, anything that you can buy and sell in bulk is considered a stock lot commodity. And it is not just fashion items. Stock lot products are usually needed in large numbers, such as PVC flooring panels, various types of paper (silicone, printing paper), and PET films.

Stock lot products also appear as specific types of fabric instead of fully-made garments, such as carpets, curtain rolls, and fabrics to make t-shirts. 

Why Are They Called “Stock Lots?”

The term ” stock lot” is used in inventory management. It represents one batch (not a single item) of a specific unit. In the case of stock lot garments, one batch means outfits or garments in bulk.

There are several ways stock lot garments can happen. The three major reasons are:

1. Rejected Items

In the manufacturing or clothing industry, certain items will be deemed “rejects” if they do not pass the quality control standards. They will be rejected even if the defects seem minuscule in the eyes of common buyers. These rejects are the common sources for stock lot supplies.

2. Incomplete Product Size

Sizing defects can also turn garments into rejects. In this case, the garments may have the wrong size gradations, like L arms for an XL shirt. Sizing defects can also be caused by fabric that is too loose or tight.

3. Outdated Garments

Fashion trends pass quickly, and certain garments can get outdated pretty fast. When that happens, the garments suddenly become rejected or cannot be sold. Stock lot garment businesses often get such rejects with cheaper prices.

Starting a Business in Stock Lot Garment

Starting a stock lot garment business can be quite profitable. You can sell a huge bulk of outfits to people who want affordable, trendy outfits. One way to do it is by partnering with stock lot importers that sell outfits to countries with huge fashion fan populations, like Indonesia.

Stocklot Importer is an Indonesian-based stock lot business brand that has successfully opened stores in Indonesia, Canada, and the U. S. Aside from selling stock lot outfits at retail stores, Stocklot Importer accepts reject outfits and garments from you with competitive prices.

What do they accept? Basically, you can sell all types of general apparel for men, women, teenagers, and kids. They can be formal, semi-formal, and casual outfits from various brands, such as t-shirts, collared shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, and sweaters. Whether you are a factory, trading company, or individual seller, Stocklot Importer is the perfect partner to start a business.

Knowing what is stock lot garment is not enough if you can’t utilize it to your benefit. Start a profitable business of stock lot selling, and start seeing profits roll in with Stocklot Importer.

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