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Women who were frightened to show skin started experimenting with designs on gowns and other fully covered clothing about the same time. Especially with the aftermath of 9/11, many Muslim women are choosing to wear the hijab and dress in a way that distinguishes them as Muslims as a religious duty and a political statement.

Businesses started to recognize the “modest clothes” trend as a viable market as its appeal spread around the globe. This fashion trend originated in the last decade when Muslim women became more aware of current trends. 

The best Muslim fashion designer has incorporated these trends into their designs, and Notable fashion brands and stores have more recently promoted “modest fashion.” International fashion festivals including the London and New York fashion weeks have also added a category for modest clothing.

In the “modest” business, modest fashion refers to a growing trend among women who dress in less revealing clothing. For Muslims, it means covering parts of the body that should be covered. Women should cover all parts of the body except the face and palms. 

The typical types of Muslim women’s clothing are head covers like hijab or niqab, loose clothes like gowns and garments that cover the entire body, long skirts, and long-sleeved shirts.

This article will review some Muslim fashion designers who have successfully combined the Islamic clothing tradition with modern aesthetics.

1. Iman Aldebe

Iman Aldebe is a Swedish fashion designer. Known for her turban-style fashion, she inspires women to get out of the norm of the usual clothing without having to abandon Islamic values. Today, her famous turban line is displayed exclusively from Paris to New York.

2. Marwa Atik

Marwa Atik is a Syrian-American best Muslim fashion designer. She is the co-founder and designer at VELA. Marwa Atik initially studied nursing and created the majority of her scarves. VELA was launched at that time, and it hasn’t stopped since.

The head coverings that VELA provides come in distinctive designs. They are paired with petals, zips, ruffles, and feathers. Even non-Muslim ladies wear them since they are so well-known for them. 

3. Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima was born in the United Kingdom to a British-Japanese family. Her family members are also artists that provide her with the ideal atmosphere for developing an interest in fashion.

Looking closely, Hana’s designs incorporate traditional and contemporary fashion trends. Her goal is to design modest apparel and alter people’s perceptions that it lacks flair.

4. Ibtihaj Muhammad (LOUELLA)

Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first American athlete ever to win an Olympic medal while wearing a hijab. She is also the proprietor of the well-known fashion line LOUELLA. The brand, which sells everything from dresses to jumpsuits to accessories, was introduced in 2014. There is no reason why it should not be a huge hit among Muslim ladies.

5. Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi comes from the biggest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia. She drew fashion sketches in her schoolbooks for a large portion of her childhood, and she took this hobby seriously by turning it into a job that made her achieve global fame.

Dian’s designs are distinctive and colorful. The primary highlights of her creations are tye-dye and a wide range of colors. Additionally, she adds a regal flair to her creations, guaranteeing that traditionalism is a factor.

6. Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussa

The founders of the Australian luxury brand Integrity, Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussa, provide modest evening and formal attire that can be worn by both Muslims and non-Muslims who want more coverage for their clothing while still being fashionable.

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7. Hikmat Saleh

Hikmat Saleh initially intended to become a lawyer but soon realized that creating Muslim clothing was his true calling. Currently, this Iraqi man serves as the CEO of his own company, Hikmat Fashion. He began his company in Baghdad and is currently designing abayas and other Muslim clothing with a rich and refined feel.

8. Jenahara Nasution

Despite being a senior designer’s daughter in Indonesia, Jenahara Nasution established her own label under her own name to pursue a career in fashion. Her aesthetics emphasize simplicity, modernity, and originality.

Jenahara also started the Indonesian Hijabers Community, which was the catalyst for the enormous expansion of Muslim fashion in Indonesia.

There are many Muslim fashion designers out there that have become successful in the fashion world. It is not impossible for you to be a Muslim fashion designer or even one of the best Muslim fashion designers in this world, especially if you are from a Muslim-majority country.

Indonesia is the biggest Muslim majority country in the world. You can see that most women in Indonesia wear Muslim fashion that covers their hair and their whole body. Therefore if you are an Indonesian and interested in being the best Muslim fashion designer, it is a good choice to be one of them. 

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