Even people who dismiss fashion as “something trivial” cannot deny the power of fashion trends. However, it is normal to question: why are fashion trends important? What power does this seemingly superficial thing hold?

The answer is more complicated than you probably think. Why do we need fashion trend is tied to various aspects, such as history, economy, business, social aspects, relationships, entertainment, and even politics! How one looks can determine huge numbers of things like status and position, and people can form negative or positive impressions based on what you wear.

Here are several specific reasons why fashion trend is deeper and more important than what most people think.

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1. Fashion Describes One’s Personal Character

When you are dressing, you usually want to show people your character. Whether it is through colors, embellishments, materials, or styles, fashion can be a mirror of personal character. 

Historically, you can see this from Hippie fashion, which was rooted in Hippie movements during the 60s and the 70s. In order to reject the formality of the status quo, members of the Hippie movements wore a lot of handmade, colorful, and patterned outfits or used natural materials like hemp and cotton.

2. Fashion Protects the Wearer

The practical function of fashion is protection, and you can see this from how fashion trend develops in different regions.

In countries with four seasons, it is important to have seasonal outfits that protect you properly against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Outfits from cotton and other breathable materials are parts of daily life in tropical countries.

3. Fashion Creates Good Impression at the First Meeting

Why are fashion trends important in a social setting? One clear explanation is the way we use fashion to create a good impression at the first meeting, whether at work, in a relationship, or in educational settings.

Why is fashion so important in society? Wearing a proper fashion combo is an instant way to create a good impression. It is a form of social and professional “lube,” allowing you to be accepted in the setting or take the next important step after introduction.

4. Fashion Makes You the Center of (Positive) Attention

Expressing yourself and your individuality can be beneficial. One way to achieve it is by using fashion as a way to garner attention. Of course, we are talking about positive attention that actually makes you feel good!

Using outfits to garner positive attention also applies to people whose works depend on physical aspects. There are reasons celebrities invest in stylists and beautiful, trendy outfits! Wearing them is as important as their career in making the public see them in a positive light.

5. Fashion Can Contribute to Self Esteem

When you wear something that makes you feel good and accentuates your best features, it can contribute to self-esteem. While outer appearance is not everything, its effect on your confidence cannot be ignored. 

One of the contemporary fashion trends is following a trend that suits someone. When you finally manage to find your personal style and trend, you can properly express yourself in various settings. 

Yes, there is nothing wrong with staying relevant, especially if the style is as important in your work and daily life as other aspects. Your current fashion options can reflect the current trend in technology, lifestyle, culture, and many more. Aside from the visual aspect, following a trend can contribute to the feeling of involvement in your environment.

What Are the Downsides of Following the Trend?

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Of course, following fashion trends is not without disadvantages. One obvious downside is the cost. You must spend extra money if you want to follow every fashion trend, especially with the rise of haul trends on social media or pressure to stay relevant. There are also environmental downsides in the form of fast fashion, especially among those who want affordable yet stylish outfits.

Some fashion trends last, while others stay and become classics. Instead of wasting money chasing every single trend, choose the safest option: invest in eternal classic style and add more unique items from your personal style. This way, fashion trends will work on you instead of being a burden.

The answers to “Why are fashion trends important?” are nuanced and complicated. However, this does not mean you have to follow every trend. Choosing one main style that works for you and experimenting with it is still a great, affordable way to express yourself through outfits.

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