Organic Clothing Benefits

Organic has been a popular buzzword since many people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Not only does it pertain to what they eat, but also to what they wear. They believe purchasing organic clothing benefits today’s environment in so many ways.

The ethical trend led to a number of fast fashion companies striving to be eco friendly fashion brands. While sustainable clothing items, like the ones made of organic cotton, may be more costly, their significant benefits shouldn’t be overlooked. Then, what are the environmental benefits of organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics?  

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Definition of Organic Clothing

Generally, organic clothing refers to those fashion items made of all organic natural materials. By all-natural means here is that there is no genetic modification, fertilizers, or even pesticides involved in the cultivation of the organic materials.

Organic cotton is the popular type of fabric used in the making of sustainable clothing. Its cultivation is entirely free of herbicides and pesticides, leaving less impact on its surrounding environment.

However, organic clothing doesn’t always mean eco-friendly. You need to take one step further to ensure that the organic fashion items you purchase are safe for the earth. You can check if the clothing products have a GOTS label.

Certified of GOTS

Global Organic Textile Standard Logo
Global Organic Textile Standard Logo

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a standard world label to ensure that fabric is made only of organic fibers. It is by far the best certification you can look for when purchasing organic clothing items.

The GOTS certification applies to the textiles’ processing, packing, tagging, and distribution. GOTS labels are broken down into two grades: 

1. Organic Cotton is Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly for Organic Clothing

One of the reasons why people start wearing clothing made of organic fibers is that they are eco-friendly. Out of all organic fabrics, organic cotton is considered the safest one for the planet. But how is it safe for the environment? 

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Reduced use of pesticides and chemicals

Organic cotton is cultivated from all-natural seeds and is grown without pesticides and other chemicals to promote growth. This, of course, helps in reducing the global use of harmful chemicals.  

Conservation of natural resources

Organic clothing benefits today’s environment because cultivation only involves regenerative and natural practices. These methods can reduce the requirement for resources (water and energy) while increasing production. 

Protection of wildlife and soil

Only natural fertilizers like green manure, animal manure, or compost are used for growing organic cotton. This improves water infiltration and soil structure as well as protects the surrounding ecosystem from contaminations.

2. Health Benefits of Organic Clothing

Health Benefits of Organic Clothing
Health Benefits of Organic Clothing

Aside from environmental benefits, organic clothing also provide health benefits. Below are the reasons why organic clothing is a better choice for health.

Avoidance of toxic chemicals and pesticides

Organic clothing is free of toxic chemicals that usually stay in the regular garment even after post-production. Therefore, organic clothing is the better choice for improving skin health, especially for babies.

Reduction of skin irritation and allergies

Organic apparel is ideal for people with sensitive or even atopic skin. It’s free of harmful chemical residues, meaning it’s also safe for people with particular allergies or sensitivities to particular fabric types.

Protection from harmful dyes and finishes

Organic apparel may not be available in various shades of colors and finishes like regular ones. Yet, that what makes organic clothing is suitable for babies and people with skin conditions.

3. Social Benefits of Organic Clothing

Social Benefits of Organic Clothing
Social Benefits of Organic Clothing

Not only does organic clothing have environmental and health benefits, but they also provide social benefits for the farmers and factory workers. But in what way do they benefit society? Here’s the breakdown.

Improved working conditions for farmers and factory workers

Farmers and factory workers are particularly at risk for illness due to exposure to toxins while cultivating and processing non-organic fibers. Yet, that wouldn’t be an issue in organic clothing manufacturers for the fabric processing is free of harmful chemicals.

Support of sustainable and fair trade practices

Organic clothing manufacturers follow much stricter and more rigid production regulations than regular companies. By doing so, organic apparel companies can help promote sustainable fashion products while also ensuring the products’ value for the customers.

So, is Organic Cotton Softer Than Regular Cotton?

Organic cotton has much softer fibers than regular cotton. This is related to the employed picking methods for cotton types. Regular cotton is sometimes hand-picked, but most of the time, they are machine-picked. Meanwhile, the harvest of organic cotton entirely uses a hand-picking process.

Hand-picking method ensures the fibers don’t break or weaken so that they stay longer. Longer fibers mean the texture is softer. That’s why organic cotton is much softer and more durable than regular one.

Organic clothing benefits today’s world in so many ways. The said benefits include ethical production practices, lower resource consumption, chemical-free, and improved health for the consumers and factory workers. While the price may be costly, organic clothing is no doubt the best option if you reconsider its benefits. And if you happen to own an organic clothing company and looking to sell your stock lot items, Stocklotimporter is where you ought to go.

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